With several  branches across Cairo, Alexandria, and the Red Sea, three seasonal pop-up restaurants in popular resort destinations, a foreign adventure in Dubai, as well as several upcoming projects, Mori Sushi is Egypt’s leading and most recognizable sushi brand. Conceptualized in São Paulo, the Mori brand began life as a small and cutting-edge establishment in the heart of the Brazilian city. Renowned for its flair, freshness, and exceptional taste, and with a cult following that included some of São Paulo finest clientele, it proved an irresistible proposition to a group of young Egyptian entrepreneurs who stumbled across it during a trip to Brazil. They struck the deal of a lifetime, buying the rights to the name and the knowhow, and leaving their Japanese-trained culinary partner – and now head chef – behind to learn the ways of Mori directly from the owner. They added their own unique fusion feistiness to the proceedings and then in 2007 brought the Mori Sushi brand to the Land of the Pyramids.

Today Mori Sushi’s innovative thinking – including a pioneering grill menu -, international standards, stringent quality control, exemplary service, and unparalleled culinary expertise make it a brand to which legions are loyal. And all this is just the beginning. With fresh new concepts on the horizon and an eye trained on the rest of the region, a brand that was born in Brazil, and made a name for itself in Egypt, is now going global.




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